Thursday, April 24, 2014
A Little About Us

JadeWire is an IT consulting and service company which provides solutions to small and medium-sized businesses in the Milwaukee and surrounding areas. Our services range the very broad spectrum of Networking, Computer Hardware and Software, Security, Web and other Internet Technology, Custom Programming, and Telecommunications. We utilize proven technology and develop solutions based on long term goals.

JadeWire has worked with many different industries. Manufacturing facilities, Printing companies, Counseling Centers, Non-Profit Organizations, and Travel Agencies are just a handful of the different industries JadeWire has serviced.

The biggest difference that separates JadeWire from other consultants and service companies is that JadeWire becomes a member of your team. We listen to our clients, we analyze their needs, and we provide more than one option for a solution. We do not send faceless technicians to solve your problems. We also do not expect you to jump through hoops and various departments to contact us. We target the clients that need us the most and focus on them directly. Our clients have told us that beside our extensive knowledge and ability to perform quality work, it is the personal touch, professional attitude, and plain-spoken honesty that they enjoy the most.

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